A Registered Firm
No. 53 of 2014
Date: 22-04-2014

Since 1990, LAXANA.R DIVING CONSULTANCY has been providing consulting services like inspection, survey, photography, videography and reporting of underwater structures in marine and freshwater conditions
We are the specialists for the following:
  • Inspection/survey of underwater fixed structures.
  • Inspection of underwater structures and condition of piers and abutments of river and sea bridges.
  • Cleaning of the fouling growths on the structures.
  • Underwater photography/videography.
  • Underwater Sounding.
  • Underwater Pipe Laying.
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding.
  • Cleaning of ship bottom.
  • Salvaging.
  • Cleaning of underwater structures.
  • Repair and Maintenance.
  • Specialised in corelock placing.
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